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Montana ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Montana. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

Montana has a total number of 242,355 ZIP Codes, and the first two digits start with 59. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
MTCarter CountyBELLE FOURCHE57717
MTCarter CountyCAMP CROOK57724
MTWibaux CountyBEACH58621
MTRichland CountyCARTWRIGHT58838
MTSheridan CountyGRENORA58845
MTCarbon CountyABSAROKEE59001
MTYellowstone CountyACTON59002
MTPowder River CountyASHLAND59003
MTRosebud CountyASHLAND59004
MTYellowstone CountyBALLANTINE59006
MTCarbon CountyBEARCREEK59007
MTCarbon CountyBELFRY59008
MTBig Horn CountyBIGHORN59010
MTSweet Grass CountyBIG TIMBER59011
MTBig Horn CountyBIRNEY59012
MTCarbon CountyBOYD59013
MTCarbon CountyBRIDGER59014
MTMusselshell CountyBROADVIEW59015
MTBig Horn CountyBUSBY59016
MTPark CountyCLYDE PARK59018
MTStillwater CountyCOLUMBUS59019
MTPark CountyCOOKE CITY59020
MTBig Horn CountyCROW AGENCY59022
MTBig Horn CountyCUSTER59024
MTBig Horn CountyDECKER59025
MTCarbon CountyEDGAR59026
MTPark CountyEMIGRANT59027
MTStillwater CountyFISHTAIL59028
MTCarbon CountyFROMBERG59029
MTPark CountyGARDINER59030
MTBig Horn CountyGARRYOWEN59031
MTFergus CountyGRASS RANGE59032
MTSweet Grass CountyGREYCLIFF59033
MTBig Horn CountyHARDIN59034
MTBig Horn CountyFORT SMITH59035
MTWheatland CountyHARLOWTON59036
MTYellowstone CountyHUNTLEY59037
MTBig Horn CountyHYSHAM59038
MTRosebud CountyINGOMAR59039
MTCarbon CountyJOLIET59041
MTRosebud CountyLAME DEER59043
MTCarbon CountyLAUREL59044
MTGolden Valley CountyLAVINA59046
MTPark CountyLIVINGSTON59047
MTBig Horn CountyLODGE GRASS59050
MTPark CountyMC LEOD59052
MTMeagher CountyMARTINSDALE59053
MTMusselshell CountyMELSTONE59054
MTSweet Grass CountyMELVILLE59055
MTStillwater CountyMOLT59057
MTGarfield CountyMOSBY59058
MTMusselshell CountyMUSSELSHELL59059
MTStillwater CountyNYE59061
MTBig Horn CountyOTTER59062
MTStillwater CountyPARK CITY59063
MTYellowstone CountyPOMPEYS PILLAR59064
MTPark CountyPRAY59065
MTBig Horn CountyPRYOR59066
MTStillwater CountyRAPELJE59067
MTCarbon CountyRED LODGE59068
MTStillwater CountyREED POINT59069
MTCarbon CountyROBERTS59070
MTCarbon CountyROSCOE59071
MTMusselshell CountyROUNDUP59072
MTMusselshell CountyROUNDUP59073
MTGolden Valley CountyRYEGATE59074
MTBig Horn CountySAINT XAVIER59075
MTTreasure CountySANDERS59076
MTGarfield CountySAND SPRINGS59077
MTSweet Grass CountySHAWMUT59078
MTYellowstone CountySHEPHERD59079
MTPark CountySILVER GATE59081
MTPark CountySPRINGDALE59082
MTRosebud CountySUMATRA59083
MTPetroleum CountyTEIGEN59084
MTWheatland CountyTWO DOT59085
MTGallatin CountyWILSALL59086
MTGarfield CountyWINNETT59087
MTYellowstone CountyWORDEN59088
MTBig Horn CountyWYOLA59089